With thousands of new books released each day, author marketing services are more critical than ever. Phantasm Press has been in the author marketing and publicity services business for years, and we have professionals to hand, ready to make your book reach the market it needs.

Author Website

Would you like a website setup and ready for the promotion of your new book?

These are the options:

Sometimes all you need is a basic website to act as the center of your book marketing campaign. Our experts work with you directly to create a simple, functional site that is set up just for you.

The Fundamentals website:

Home page
About Page
Book Page
Blog Page
Contact Page

The interactive professional website:

If you have a more complex marketing plan ready to launch, and you need an interactive, dynamic website to anchor it, this is the way to go. The design of the site will be specifically tailored to your brand, and you will work closely with our experts, providing your graphics and content, and playing a key role in the site’s design.

This can have up to 20 pages, including:

Shop (with an integrated e-commerce tool)
Home Page
About Page
Book Page
Blog Page
Contact Page

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Whatever your requirements our goal is to help you reach your target readers.

We can work with you to establish and build an amazing online brand and strategy that will allow you to connect to your readers. We will work with you to increase the awareness of your book, and build anticipation for its release.

Social media is here to stay and it is a huge tool full of endless marketing potential with opportunities to boost your market and reach new readers. This also allows opportunities to increase reader loyalty allowing them to be part of your emerging writing community. We can teach you how to use these tools so that you can engage and attract your readers on this infinitely variable platform.

Amazon Listing

As more and more books get published year after year, the competition in the market increases. This makes marketing with Amazon optimisation even more essential for authors of all kinds. We can get your book setup and listed on Amazon, utilising the many fantastic services it affords new and experienced authors.

Offline marketing

This includes items such as book launch posters, flyers, business cards, bookmarks, displays etc and anything that is useful in the real world. Physical items and setups to attract the attention of people through marketing. We can achieve this for you with competitive prices and in an excellent print quality.

Other services that may be required.

There are a great many other services that you may find useful for your particular marketing needs.

We can help to point you in the right direction leaving the rest to you. Examples for extra services include: blogging for your author website, monthly newsletters for your adoring fans, LinkedIn pages, registering and using Goodreads for promotional purposes, local news and services networking contacts. The list is extensive so please talk to us to assist in setting up and negotiating your needs for your book.