The Orb

The Orb

By Robert Simpson


Work of Angels?

“So I was lucky. I got the adventure. Because when our family’s secret needed a new home, no one was better qualified to provide it than I … ”

When Tom Bradley clandestinely inherits the Orb from a childless uncle, he soon discovers that it is much more than a merely ornamental curio. It shines with rare light, it sings, it holds a secret symbol in its heart. But who made it? Where did it come from? And what is its purpose?

Together with the vivacious daughter of the aristocratic English family from whose Turkish ancestors the Orb was stolen, Tom sets out to answer these questions. Their wayward relationship deepens and strengthens as their experiences of the Orb become increasingly bizarre.

But they are not the only ones interested in the Orb. Their search for answers ultimately leads to an unexpected showdown in the place where the object was first found—the sweeping serrated peaks of south-western Turkey …
“Anyway, this is the whole story, with nothing left out or glossed over. … I have written it in the form of a novel, so readers—if there ever actually are any—may make of it what they will. Only we know that it is all true. Now read on—”

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