New Poems for an old War

New Poems for an old War

By T.W.Ward


I’ve always taken an interest in the first world war poets, poets such as Brooke, Owen, Sassoon, and Kipling of course, who lost his son in the trenches, they must have gone through sheer hell and heartache recalling their experiences. They wrote such haunting, and thought provoking verse, verse which couldn’t help but propel you right into the middle of the horror those young soldiers in World War One went through.

‘If… through reading any of the verses which make up my book ‘New Poems for an Old War’ concerning not just the First but also the Second World War, I can cause those who read them, to reflect on what happened to a ‘Lost Generation’ of young men, who in the case of the ‘Great War’ never gave their lives for their country as is often romantically stated, but were robbed of them through a ‘King’s Shilling’ and a misguided urge to do their duty, sent needlessly to their deaths, by the misguided pride and wanten incompetence of the priviledged few.

If through these readings, they can learn something of the sheer waste, and futility of war, then I shall be more than contented.

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