Rebecca and the Crystal Kingdom

Rebecca and the Crystal Kingdom

By T.W.Ward


Dare you go beyond the light? And if you dare I wonder what will you find there, another world perhaps, a world devoid of grown ups? And will you be able to find your way back home once you have passed into the light, more importantly will you want to come back?

And should this world that you find yourself abroad in allow you to dream, then dream on, and in your dreams allow yourself to float away and be born again. For dreams are only vehicles which allow us to reach that which we once thought out of reach. And through our dreams what wonders might we discover once the barriers that keep us tied to this earthly life are breached?.

Who knows, who can tell what magical wonders we might find once we step into it’s entrancing beam? If we are true to ourselves, and stay true to that which we believe in, then anything is possible.

Go then, and should you manage to find the magic that frees your heart from ever growing old rejoice and know this… many will search for and never find that which keeps us forever young. You may even now have discovered the key to unlocking your childlike heart, use it well, for who knows what wonders lay beyond the light, and who knows where your hearts desires may take you?

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