About Us

Phantasm Press started out in 2012 by friends Richard Dalby and Daniel Wilkins with a passion for books old and new.

With the ease and affordability of publishing today, we are dedicated to ensuring the best and brightest wordsmiths can find their voice in these interesting times. 

We’ve published with several new and upcoming authors, and we look forward to releasing many more books in the future. It is a very exciting time for publishers, writers and creatives of all kinds. We hope you will join us in our journey.

Daniel Wilkins is a qualified Web and Print Designer and typesetter. Formerly working in advertising. He has returned back from the sunny Southern shores to pursue his interests and talents in publishing, web-design and collecting all things supernatural.

Richard Dalby was a great man, who passed away recently, and we are focused on continuing the site on in his memory.

Dan Richards an Art and Culture graduate, joined earlier this year. An avid writer and reader himself, he is keen to make an addition to the team.